May 2022 Newsletter


A great day for the kids at the Clubhouse on 22 May 2022.
A lot of fish were caught and prize winners were 
Heaviest Sprat - Girl:  Pippa Harding
Heaviest Sprat - Boy:  Marcus Kingi
Heaviest Kahawai:  Brodie Steel
Heaviest Other (Parore): Ashley Ward
TAKF2 2 
The four winners each received a rod and reel.  They also went home with a gift bag containing fishing accessories, as did all the other children who participated.
Lots of happy little faces at the end of the day!
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Waipu Boat & Fishing club tshirt 
Waipu Boat & Fishing club tshirt 
Waipu Boat & Fishing club tshirt 
Waipu Boat & Fishing club tshirt 

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Using and conserving fish - Waipu Boat & Fishing Club

Thousands of kiwi fishers dump their unwanted fish heads and fish frames and thousands of kiwis would love to eat fresh fish heads and frames. puts the two together. All you need to do is register and select that you have fish heads to give away.

It's about best use of our natural resources, ensuring there's enough to go around for everybody.