Our competition year runs from 1 July to 30 June.  To make your catches count you must be a current member (if not, please join now) and photograph your fish (nose to v of tail) on a WB&FC measure mat.  For the 2023-2024 season, all new Family and Senior memberships will receive a free club measure mat as part of their subscription.

Refer Guidelines on 'Measuring Your Catch for WB&FC Fishing Competitions'  Send your photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or post on our Waipu Boat & Fishing Club - Members Facebook page - so it can be verified and recorded on the Leaderboard.

Open line fishing

Species Place     Name  Location Length Date
Snapper  1st  Steve Worthington  Boat  75 cm  06/10/2023
 2nd  Deni Vanin  Boat  73.5cm  07/10/2023
 3rd  Kane MacDonald  Boat  66.5cm  22/10/2023
   4th  Steve Worthington  Boat  66cm  12/11/2023
   5th  Deni Vanin  Boat  66cm  12/11/2023
 6th  Steve Worthington  Boat  62.5cm  12/08/2023
 7th  Steve Worthington  Boat  60cm  06/10/2023
 8th  Dana Owens  Boat  59cm  21/10/2023
 9th  Earl Pennington  Boat  58.5cm  04/10/2023
 10th  Graeme Giles  Boat  57.5cm  06/10/2023
     Deni Vanin  Boat  57cm  05/11/2023
   Dana Owens  Boat  54.5cm  21/10/2023
   Dana Owens  Boat  54cm  21/10/2023
   Dana Owens  Boat  54cm  22/10/2023
   Graeme Giles  Boat  54cm  21/10/2023
     Steve Worthington  Boat  53cm  05/11/2023
 Stephen Glibbery  Boat  52cm  06/10/2023
 Ian Walton  Land (Drone)  52cm  28/08/2023
 Stephen Glibbery  Boat  52cm  04/10/2023
 Graeme Giles   Boat  52cm  21/10/2023
Kahawai 1st  Linda Lee  Land  56.5cm  14/07/2023
2nd  Harvey Lee  Land  55.5cm  12/08/2023
3rd  Linda Lee  Land  54cm  23/09/2023
4th   Stephen Glibbery  Boat  53.5cm  15/08/2023
5th=  Linda Lee  Land  52cm  14/07/2023
5th= Kane MacDonald  Boat  52cm  21/10/2023
7th  Mike Gusterson  Boat  51.5cm  13/08/2023
8th =  Linda Lee  Land  50.5cm  04/07/2023
8th =  Linda Glibbery  Boat  50.5cm  19/07/2023
8th=  Kane MacDonald  Boat  50.5cm  21/10/2023
 Linda Lee  Land  50cm  21/10/2023
 Linda Glibbery  Boat  49.5cm  15/08/2023
 Linda Lee  Land  48.5cm  14/07/2023
Gurnard 1st   Stephen Glibbery  Boat  38.5cm  20/09/2023
 2nd  Linda Glibbery  Boat  35cm  20/09/2023
 3rd  Cliff Baile  Boat  32.5cm  21/10/2023
Trevally 1st  Graeme Giles  Boat                                       53.5 cm  18/07/2023
Kingfish 1st
John Dory 1st  Mike Gusterson  Boat  43cm  23/07/2023
2nd  Larry Andrews  Boat  39cm  18/07/2023
Other 1st  Earl Pennington  Grandfather Hapuka (Boat)  53cm  31/07/2023
  2nd  Deni Vanin  John Dory (Boat)  50cm  05/11/2023
3rd  Deni Vanin  Porae (Boat)  48cm  26/10/2023
4th  Steve Worthington  Blue Cod (Boat)  34cm  26/08/2023

Junior line fishing

Species Place  Name                         Length      Date 
Snapper 1st  Fraser MacDonald  71cm  21/10/2023
  2nd  Fraser MacDonald  62cm  22/10/2023
  3rd  Fraser MacDonald  56cm  21/10/2023
  4th  Fraser MacDonald  54cm  21/10/2023
  5th  Ashley Ward  50.5cm  04/10/2023
  6th  Ashley Ward  48cm  21/10/2023
7th  Ashley Ward  47cm  21/10/2023
8th  Ashley Ward  46cm  21/10/2023
9th  Eliza Laidlaw  44.5cm  10/07/2023
Sprat 1st
Kahawai 1st  Benji Davis  22cm  23/10/2023
Trevally 1st      
Other  1st =   Benji Davis | Gurnard 41cm  29/07/2023
   1st =  Ashley Ward | Gurnard 41cm  04/10/2023